Partly Covered
 Mostly Clear
Winter Road Conditions are defined as follows*

Covered means the road is 75-100 percent covered.
The road may have received some treatment.

Partly Covered means the road is 50-75 percent covered.
The road has received some treatment but still has snow or ice on significant portions.

Mostly Clear means the road is 50-75 percent clear.
The traffic lanes are mostly clear with a small ribbon of snow on the road, and on the shoulders may not be clear.

*These definitions were taken from the Missouri Department of Transportation.
City of Branson Winter Weather Road Conditions Map

During Winter weather events, the City will be frequently updating this application to inform the public about the progress that the Public Works Department has made in clearing the major snow routes that it maintains. Be sure to check back regularly. While ALL city-maintained roads get treated and cleared, this map only reflects the current road conditions of main arterial roads.
Click the legend icon to see what status each color on the map represents. You can also click on a snow route feature on the map to see its status. Use the search tool in the top right to search for a specific road or address. You can also visit the MoDOT Traveler Map by clicking here.